IT4CHURCH is a powerful and highly customizable Church management web tool that may serve both large Church Associations and smaller local Churches

What you can do with IT4CHURCH

Personal Cards

Store all the records about each person your Church ministers to:

  • Photo, name, address, various contacts (phone, e-mail, Internet contacts etc.).
  • Family records, links to family members’ Personal cards.
  • Membership status in the Church and all the history of those statuses (like guest, candidate - any status that is appropriate for your particular ministry, statuses are customisable).
  • Attendance of any meetings records.
  • Subscriptions to you e-mail mailing (with exact status of whether the e-mails were received and read).
  • Personal consultations tracking.

Church structure

  • You can see the structure of your organisation no matter how complex it may be. All the ministries, branches, groups and any other types of structures may be customised fully reflecting your particular organisation.

Access Permissions

  • We are strongly committed to confidentiality and security of information. This is why one of the uniquely strong sides of IT4CHURCH is its rights of access.
  • You can create AS MANY logins to your organisation AS YOU NEED. Each login will allow the person using it to get access to ONLY THAT PIECE OF INFORMATION he is appropriate to. Thus the person on the top of the Church structure sees the whole picture as it is, people down the structure will see only what they are working with in real life not even knowing that program contains something else.

Powerful Analytics

  • Information is there to be analysed. So IT4CHURCH gives you vast freedom in looking at your labor from various aspects and track dynamics. Charts, lists, graphs illustrate some static reports like genders, ages, education levels, professions, skills, territorial areas, hobbies etc.
  • You may grand access to the designated people to see analytics of Local church, branches, Internet Church.
  • Moreover, IT4CHURCH allows you to sort and filter the data by details to create exact lists of people you need for a particular task and create tickets, assign mass operations for this list.
  • Create Saved Reports with some particular important parameters and track the dynamics in charts, you may also place those figures on your Start page and see dynamics each time you login to IT4CHURCH.

Almost any analytical info you may ever imagine you will be able to get through all of you data.

Simple example:

Number and full list of:

- Members of the church, church with branches, just a certain branch.

- People who attend the church at least once in, for example, last 6 months, but absent last 2 months.

- Unsubscribed from mailings.

- People subscribed to certain mailings or to any mailings.

- And much much more...

Different filters can be applied to those lists like:

  • Only men, only women.
  • Age from..., age to...
  • Only members, only visitors etc.
  • Those who became members in 2016 or any other period.
  • Only those with spouse, with a daughter/son, or with a child but without a spouse.

Every such analytical report can be saved to get charts of changing number of people in time: by days, by weeks, by months etc.

And even more examples:

  • Membership statuses analys.
  • Accurate list of members for the particular date.
  • How many people and who exactly are ready to get into mandatory training/education.
  • Who is a participant of which home group.
  • Attendance of the Sunday services, home groups, and other services like leadership services and other.
  • Print members’ cards.
  • Print detailed stickers for kids services.
  • Export to Excel...

Manage Your Internet Church

  • All Prayers requests from the site are going into Your database.
  • Ministers are praying for the requests and send answers directly from IT4CHURCH.
  • Donations from the website may go into the database too.
  • Other on web-site forms are going into the database directly into the personal card of a particular person.

Email Mailings

  • Major mail services recognise our mailings as mailings, not spam.
  • All messages contain a link to unsubscribe without password or other difficulties.
  • After unsubscribing every recipient gets easy access to subscribe back and to subscribe on other mailings.

For every particular mailings you will see:

- The number of recipients.

- How many recipients have received the email message into their inbox.

- How many delivery errors occurred.

- All fake emails (if any) are marked immediately as fake and you will be able to analyse this info.

- How many recipients have read your message.

- When the message was read: how many recipients have read the message on the first day, how many on the second... etc.

- Statistics by domains (.com, .org, .uk, .ng, .ru etc).

- In each personal card you will see the same info for the particular person. It allows you to see problems and fix them easily.

More about mailings

  • You can create a set of messages and send it to people by the schedule. Use it to tell about Christ to those people who ask about it on your site. IT4CHURCH will keep separate schedule for each recipient.

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